2020 AKS Graduate Fellowship

Dear Koreanists,

Hope you are well with inner peace in this pandemic.

We are seeking applications for 2020 AKS Graduate Fellowship. It’s a non-degree program which invites international graduate students abroad in the fields of Korean studies to the Graduate School of Korean Studies, the Academy of Korean Studies, and offers opportunities to conduct research in Korea for 6 months.

1. Fellowship Benefits

    ○ Monthly stipend of KRW 750,000, and round trip airfare

    ○ On-campus accommodation is available free of charge.

    ○ Fellowship period : 6 months (1 Sep 2020 ~ 28 Feb 2021)

    Fellows will designate one of the AKS’ professors whose specialty is most relevant to their research topic as their academic advisor, who will guide them through the fellowship period.

    Korean language courses as well as cultural experience program are available free of charge.

2. Eligibility

     International students enrolled at an overseas university in a Master’s or doctoral degree program as of the beginning of the fellowship period (1 Sep 2020), whose research topic pertains to Korea/Korean studies

     Students in an ABD(All But Dissertation) status of a Master’s degree program are eligible, but doctoral degree students in an ABD status are not eligible.

     Korean language proficiency is not required.

3.  Application

     Applicants should apply online at gradaks.recruiter.co.kr between 20 April and 15 May, and submit required documents by post or in person no later than 22 May.

4. Application Guidelines

  ○ In Korean http://grad.aks.ac.kr/cop/bbs/selectBoardArticle.do?nttId=314856&bbsId=BBSMSTR_000000000110&menuNo=2010112000

  ○ In English http://intl.aks.ac.kr/english/viewtopic.php?t=564&sid=bc26aa395069e64eb1a9720ab6e9acab


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