[New course] Understanding the basic grammar of Korean

Understanding the basic grammar of Korean


[Course Description]

This course is designed to understand the basic grammar of Korean including sound systems, from the perspective of general linguistics and contrastive linguistics. The course consists of four main parts:
(1) Syntax: sentence structure of Korean
(2) Morphology: word-formation and parts of speech of Korean
(3) Discourse: spoken language of Korean
(4) Phonetics and Phonology: sounds and sound patterns of Korean


More specifically, the following topics will be covered in classes.
1: What type of language is Korean?
2: What sentence patterns are there in Korean?
3: How to express tense in Korean?
4: What kind of honorifics are there in Korean?
5: How to express negation in Korean?
6: How do verbs/adjectives modify nouns in Korean?
7: How to make compound and complex sentences in Korean?
8: What kinds of Korean particles/case markers are there?
9: What kinds of Korean sentence-endings are there?
10: How are Korean words formed?
11. Why is the word order free in Korean?
12. How are subject and topic different in Korean?
13. What are Korean consonants and vowels and how the syllables are formed?
14. What are the sound changes in Korean?


  • Online course due to begin January 2021
  • Course held by Yong Heo, Emeritus Professor Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Chair-professor Dongkuk University in Seoul, assisted by ROK lecturer Hak Je Yu


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