Korean Culture and Civilization: an overview – Course Registration

Would you like to find out more in-depth information about Korean culture and civilization?
Our new course includes a wide variety of Korea-related topics and it is now ready to start.

Course name: Korean Culture and Civilization: an overview

Application form: https://forms.gle/PqaE3SkZbW3z29Pu8
Application period: ~17th of February, Monday, 24:00

* There is no limitation in application. (Age, university)
Anybody can apply for the course.

Irina Roibu, Hak Je YU

Room 402, Building R, UAIC

Class 1: 19th of February, Wednesday, 18-20
Class 2: 21st of February, Friday, 18-20
Class 3, 4, 5, 6: 22nd of February, Saturday, 10-18
Class 7, 8: 23rd of February, Sunday, 14-18
Class 9, 10: 14th of March, Saturday, 14-18
Class 11, 12: 15th of March, Sunday, 14-18
Class 13: 28th of March, Saturday, 14-16
Class 14: 29th of March, Sunday, 14-16

Tuition fee
1. Faculty of Letters from UAIC (BA / MA / PhD) can participate in the course without payment.
2. Among the students from letters, (BA) can obtain certificates and credits. (MA/PhD) can receive certificates but not credits.
3. (Other faculties / Non-students / Employees of UAIC) can participate in the course with payment (320 RON / semester), receiving certificates.

You are all welcomed to enjoy the course together.
Thank you so much for your interest! 🇰🇷

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