TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) – 73rd Edition in Iasi


For the first time in Iasi, ROK Center for Korean Studies at UAIC helds TOPIK exam – the official proficiency test in Korean, thus becoming the third TOPIK examination center from Romania and the only existing one in the North-Eastern area of the country.


** For those who would like to apply for TOPIK, please send first an email ( mentioning your full name. After that, we will give you the instruction of registration personally.**


     1. Objectives

  • To propagate and set a standard framework for learning Korean for non-native speakers of Korean language and overseas Koreans
  • To measure and evaluate Korean language proficiency and utilize the test results in Korean university admission and job application.


     2. Participants

  • Anyone interested in the Korean language whose whose first language is not Korean.
        Use and Opportunities
  • Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) participants taking the Korean language course
  • Entrance to Korean Universities as a non-native Korean speaker
  • Employment in companies and public institutions in both Korea and abroad
  • Acquisition of a Korean Language Instructor certification as non-native Korean speaker
  • Obtaining permanent residency or other specific Visa types in Korea
  • For use in the “Korea Immigration and Integration Program” operated by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea


     3. Date and time

  • 14.11.2020, Saturday, 09:10-11:20

TOPIK I (Beginners, level  1-2): 09:10-11:20 (30 min + -> 9:40 – 11:20)

End Time of Entering Test Venue: 30 minutes before the exam (=9:10).


     4. Place of exam

  • Amfiteatrul III. 12, 2nd floor, Building A, UAIC, Bd. Carol I, Nr. 11, Iași


     5. Registration

  • Period: 26.08.2020 – 02.09.2020 (24:00)
  • Required documents: registration form, ID card, scanned photo (3cm x 4cm), receipt of the payment for the exam.


     6. Registration Fee

  • 80 RON

The registration fee should be paid by bank transfer or by cash deposit to Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi’s bank account. (Faculty of Letters)

  • Beneficiary: the Faculty of Letters from University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi
  • IBAN: RO68BRDE240SV89534452400
  • Code = 40 (fee for language testing), mentioning as the reason for payment “TOPIK, name and surname of the participant” (e.g. TOPIK, Popescu Ioana)

*Any other commissions that the bank might charge should be payed by the candidate.

* Please make sure to keep the proof of payment received from the bank . The scanned proof of payment will be requested when you register for the TOPIK exam.


     7. Test result

  • The test results will be announced after 24th of December 2020 (on the official TOPIK website:
  • The results will be also available at ROK Center for Korean Studies at UAIC.


     8. Contact


**The TOPIK examination will be held under strict virus control rules (temperature measurement, hand sanitiser, declaration, mask, physical distancing) provided by the organisers.


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